Budi in Bandung, Billy Keraf Want to Stay in Persib

Budi in Bandung, Billy Keraf Want to Stay in Persib

Young Winger Fulgensius Billy Paji Keraf began to feel his fate with Persib Bandung. In contrast to a number of other young players who are planning a fortune in a new club, Billy just intend to survive.

Players dropped ASIOP Apacinti is admitted to love with Persib. Especially Maung Bandung is the first professional club that he defended. Even so, his decision to survive or not depend on the attitude of management.

“Coincidentally contracted until the end of December, I also feel at home in Bandung just dependent (decision) management,” said Billy, Thursday (5/10/2017).

Not only the condition of the team that makes the 20-year-old boy intends to survive. The atmosphere of Bandung as well as the great interest of bobotoh (term supporters Persib) increasingly incriminating Billy to move from the Flower City.

“This team makes me feel at home, coaches and supporters especially, also the cool weather makes me feel at home,” said the young man born in Jakarta, May 8, 1997, it.

Billy is included figure of young players Persib enough attention. Since contracted Persib early last season, he has received 17 appearances with four goals contributed.

If the performance is consistent until the end of the season, it is likely that he will retain management. Especially until now there is no club who are interested in using his services.

“Nothing yet (the clubs are bidding) still want here,” Billy said.

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